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We will be pleased to help you with any special food requests, including food allergy problems, religious requirements, or special orders for Birthday surprises such as champagne or birthday cakes. (Certain requirements may need payment in advance.) Contact us regarding special events,larger groups, booking tables or ordering food in advance.

Tel 081 892 1156

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  1. we like to eat at your restaurant on 27 of december .
    with 4 person,s
    can you pick us up at the hotel serenity .
    thank you

    • Hi Alice,
      Thanks for your inquiry. Bon Island does not have a taxi boat service so it will be necessary for you to take a car to Rawai or Chalong where you can contact a boat. It may be possible to pick up a boat in front of Serenity too. if you have any further questions please feel free to email us at or post a comment here.
      Look forward to seeing you!

  2. if we want to go there. We need to drop our car at Rawai or Chalong will be the fastest way to get there ? and how much it cost for longtail boat from Rawai ?
    Thank you for your information.

    • Thanks for your visit to our website.

      It is possible to get to Bon Island from all major beaches in Phuket, Rawai is closest and a shorter trip, however a trip from Kamala, Patong, Karon or Kata will give you a nice trip along the coast of Phuket, possibly stopping for snorkelling on route. Chalong is a little bit further than Rawai.

      Boat prices vary on the trip, number of people and so on. It is worth checking a few different boats to get the best price. Prices range from around 1000 baht upwards, getting more expensive if you make a multiple island trip. Due to changing fuel prices the figures above may be different on your arrival.


  3. Hi Dawn,

    Will be in Phuket on 18th May 2011 till 21st May 2011. Was wondering if we can go to your restaurant on 18th for dinner? We’ll be staying at Courtyard at Kamala Beach. Please advise how to go to the restaurant.

    • Hi Faridah,
      Due to lack of electricity at Bon Island we do not stay open after sunset, and therefore do not serve dinner. However if you are able to come for lunch, you will need to take a taxi or drive down to Rawai Beach and take a boat from there. In May Kamala Beach long tail boats will not be running as it is the monsoon season. During monsoon season the waves are very strong on the west coast of Phuket (Kamala is on west) however Bon Island is on the east coast and the sea is much calmer enabling Rawai boats to run almost 365 days a year.

      If you have any further questions you can comment here or email me at

      Best regards,

  4. Hi Dawn, don’t know if you remember, myself & Husband redone our wedding vow’s this time last year at beautiful Bon Island with your fabulous food and hospitality organised by Ken & Tip at coconut paradise , just a short note that we miss your bit of paradise and appreciated the whole day and the hard work you all put in. Merry Christmas and a great New Year we are coming again soooooon. Rach & Brad Australia

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