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Not everyday at Bon Island is just another day in paradise,  so we would like to some of our share our news with you!


7th July 2011

Phuket’s weather has been very strange this year. In March we had extremely strong winds and heavy rain that prevented anyone going out to sea for 3 days. Now in July we have sunshine and the most perfect calm seas here at Bon Island it looks just like it does in the dry season! Perfect for a day on the beach!

Bon Island, Phuket, Thailand

21st December 2010

As we approach the end of the year, most of Europe is suffering cold weather, England being colder than most is in chaos with most of the airports shut down due to heavy snow. Sad for all those people planning a Xmas vacation but not getting further than sleeping in the airport!

Phuket has had rather unusual weather too but things are looking a bit brighter now!

A colourful longtail boat waits for passengers at Bon Island, Phuket


11th December 2010

Good News and Bad News

Good news at last! Phuket’s Tsunami Warning Buoys have finally arrived in Phuket and are soon to be transported out to their location off the Phuket coast. For more info see the Phuket Gazette article:

Bad News Due to a storm and sea swell last night several of the Yachts competing in Phuket’s King’s Cup regatta were washed aground at Kata Beach. Despite attempts to get the boats back to sea, they remained aground. See photos and the full story in Phuket Gazette article:

10th December 2010

A tree, that was blown down back in October during strong winds of Phuket’s monsoon season , has become a popular place to sit and pose for a photo or to simply relax and watch the sea. A wooden plank has been added for anyone who wants to take a nap under the shadow of the leaves.

The sleepy tree

8th December 2010

On the brink of disaster!

Further movement on the beach over night, left our beach chairs on the edge of disaster, just a few more inches and they would have been washed away by the sea!

Bon Island, Phuket, Thailand

In the last few days the amount of sand that has moved from east to west is really quite incredible. Even though I see this every year I still find it really fascinating. There is a similarity to snow as the sand remains layered until the wind, sea or a footstep break the layers, transforming them to a smooth, one level beach that lies about one meter lower than it did last week!

Bon Island, Phuket, Thailand


6th December 2010

A beach chair engulfed by sand during ths strong waves on Friday, reminded us that it was time to start thinking about those lost in the 2004 tsunami! Our thoughts are with all of you.

Phuket Tsunami Reminder

5th December 2010

The annual movement of sand from the west side of the beach to the east side has begun. Within just a few hours, due to string wind and waves, around one meter (in depth) of sand has disappeared from the beach. It happened so quickly that shelves of sand remained clinging to the rocks.

Sand Migration at Bon Island, Phuket, Thailand

Bon Island Phuket's Beach is moving!

10th October 2010

Is it the date, 10/10/10, which some people say is unlucky or is it to do with a planet alignment between the 7th and 9th October, or is it simply all a coincidence?

Whatever the reason we arrived at the beach this morning to discover that due to an exceptionally high tide (full moon was on the 8th) and strong wind last night causing strong waves (storm surge?) the western beach of Bon Island had been hit badly. Two of our trees, which have been leaning over the beach for as long as we have been on the island (8 years) had fallen down, due to severe and sudden land erosion.  The pictures here give an idea of the extent of the damage.

5th September 2010

A really windy start to the day today, but by early afternoon things were all back to normal again!

4th September 2010

For the last four years they have been rebuilding Phuket’s fresh food market and we have been doing our shopping at the temporary market near to Naka Temple. Finally all is finished and tomorrow the market will return to it’s old location but in a new building. So today we all say goodbye to the temporary market with some regrets as the parking is much easier there than it will be in the center of Phuket town!



31st August 2010

Not the best way to start the day! Yet another broken chain on our boat, this time half way between Rawai and Bon Island on our way to work! So urgent makeshift repairs were necessary and while that was taking place we tried a little ‘sailing’ hoping that a little wind and an umberella, accompanied by the rising tide would finally bring us to Bon Island.  It actually took us beyond just as repairs were finished and we were (luckily) able to start the engine and drive back into shore.  So thankfully it was a happy ending and we arrived in time to cook lunch for our visitors.

A few urgent repairs.

Sailing into Bon Island, Thai style.

27th August 2010

We were lucky to make it back to shore today.  This was not the first time that our boat has had problems, we have run out of petrol and had to use the wooden boards to row home, but today it was a broken chain. As it was low water we moored outside and repaired the boat while we were waiting for the tide to come in. The weather was perfect and I couldn’t resist taking a photo or two while I was waiting for the boys  to fix the boat.

23rd August 2010

Tropical weather can make life interesting, and we certainly have some exciting times!

Luckily Phuket seems to suffer less than other parts of Thailand, and flooding usually last a couple of hours and is gone as the rainwater drains into the sea. However rain usually means strong winds and that in turn means big waves!

So having suffered the side affects of Typhoon Nargis in 2008 when we lost a couple of our beach huts, today we see Tropical Storm Mindulle is heading for Vietnam and it’s raining in Phuket, the wind isn’t too strong and the sea relatively calm. Not the best day for the beach but some people seem to make the best of it!



Then the next day the sun came out! That’s Phuket!!


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