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There’s a lot to see when you stop and take time to look! Just follow the tracks and follow the links.

Hermit Crabs the favourite for children and adults alike!

Marine life often hidden from view and missed by many! Look out for abalone, cowrie, starfish, squid, sea cucumbers and various types of sea slugs and shellfish.

Insects hated by many including me! But then I started to see their beauty and ability to do things that humans never could. Small ants carrying huge leaves, wood boring beetles, flying insects carrying large caterpillars to store for food, and a kind of cartoon appearance that can be quite amusing. Don’t run away…take a look!

Birds are there waiting in the trees for everyone to go home, then it is safe to fly down in search of food or water. It’s a hard existence at Bon Island in the dry season, no fresh water and no fruit or berries, so it’s down to the restaurant for a takeaway!

Trees and Plants despite the lack of fresh water there are many different types of trees on the island. The one that causes the most questions is the Pandanus Pine as it’s fruit looks so much like a pineapple.

Snakes and Lizards can be seen from time to time. I remember someone telling me that there son had come running to them from the showers saying “Mummy, Mummy there’s a dinosaur in the bathroom!” what he had in fact seen was a Water Monitor!


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